Life at Tootelo

Équipes de Tootelo

Up to 8 weeks of vacation as of your first year

Remarkable work environment

Concern for the health of our employees

High retention rate

Advancement opportunities for our employees

Respect for the environment

Why work at Tootelo?

Our company culture has proven itself...
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Work-Life Balance

We expect high performance from our employees, and we reward them for their hard work.


Planning a trip? Do you need time for your leisure activities? For appointments? For your children? No problem. We offer very flexible hours to best meet the needs of our employees. Your birthday is even considered a statutory holiday, because we believe that everyone has the right to enjoy their day as they see fit!

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‍Work from home (optional)

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Customize your pay with the Toot-à-moi fund

Looking for flexiblity? Tootelo lets you modulate a portion of your remuneration as your please! From the moment you start working with us, 12% of your remuneration is considered customizable (14% after 5 years). This means that you can adapt your remuneration to fit your needs! Want some examples?

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Exciting Challenges

Tootelo firmly believes that everyone has skills, abilities and potential that should be developed. We make sure to pool these qualities for the benefit of common achievements. Take the opportunity to be part of this dynamic team in constant evolution:

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Relaxed and fun working atmosphere

We are proud to offer a healthy and respectful work environment to all of our employees. Everyone is invited to propose and organize unifying activities, such as:

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Benefits of working in Boucherville

Tired of traffic on the bridge? Whether you live on the South Shore or in Montreal, traffic will no longer be a problem!

Need a bit more to convince you?

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happy employee

“I came to Quebec in 2011 leaving all my personal and professional life in my country, Venezuela. At Tootelo, I not only found the perfect place to continue my professional career, but I also found my new big family. Working at Tootelo means working in a great atmosphere, with an extraordinary team. "

Andrea Chaves

IT Quality Manager
happy employee

"I like working at Tootelo for the beautiful atmosphere, the respect of colleagues among themselves, the company philosophy which advocates great values ​​such as respect, balance (between personal and professional life), progress and the sharing."

Stéphane Garay

Human Development Officer

Do you want to be part of a remarkable team?

Are you the collaborator type? Does flexibility appeal to you? Tootelo could be your dream employer! We are constantly growing and always looking for new talent, so don't hesitate to apply today!
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