Closely knit

"Closely knit" means being closely united by bonds of love, solidarity or interest; in short, it means being very close to one another.
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Closely knit at work

Équipes de Tootelo

At Tootelo, working in silos simply isn't an option. While employees do belong to specific departments and teams, there are no boundaries. At Tootelo, working relationships take different forms. Our colleagues are partners and collaborators, but also friends and even confidants. Our tribe is simply closely knit, which means that we support one another; we celebrate our successes together (we love virtual happy hours!) and we stand by each other in difficult times.

Closely knit at home

Équipes de Tootelo

This solidarity exceeds the limits of the office. Someone needs a hand? We're there. It is in this spirit of solidarity that the "Closely Knit" program was created. This aid fund aims to support our colleagues who are going through a difficult and temporary situation that is beyond their control. Other than this program, Tootelians are also always ready to support a good cause or a colleague by donating food, clothing, toys, various goods, etc.

Closely knit in pictures

Happy hours and other gatherings among colleagues

Sushi nights
Virtual happy hours
Annual potluck
Work neighbors' day
Annual corn roast
Happy hours to celebrate acheivements

Personal development workshops

Homemade pasta workshop
Homemade sushi workshop
Smoothie workshop

Christmas party

Virtual Christmas
Christmas at Jouvence
Christmas caroler

Celebrating awards

Artificial Intelligence Award
Entreprises en santé Award
Excellence OCTAS Award
Carbon Neutral certification

Massothérapie au bureau


Parent-children Day

Kids at the office
Fun in the snow
Big kids visit firefighters
Kids visit firefighters

Rotary Run

2019 Rotary Run
2018 Rotary Run

48 Hour Ride / Make-A-Wish

2019 48H Ride
2018 48H Ride

Leucan challenge

Leucan Shaved Head Challenge

Christmas basket distribution

Annual Christmas basket distribution
Annual Christmas basket distribution

Health Challenges

Our virtual walk to South America in 2020
Our virtual walk to Tofino in 2019
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“Tootelo is an employer of choice because unlike many others, it does not focus on the container (offices, parties, gifts, etc. - even though our offices are wonderful!), but rather on the content, about the employees, the people who are there every day for the company. Tootelo understands that it is the employees who are the strength of a company and decided to put them first, to give them time to also be full human beings above all!”

Brice Maher

Team leader - IT development
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“I manage my tasks according to the priorities of the organization while enjoying a great deal of autonomy. When I need to be more focused, I have the flexibility to pursue my tasks from home: only results matter! Thanks to technology and different work tools, I am in constant communication with my work colleagues.”

Andrea Chaves

Team Leader - Quality Assurance - IT Development

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