Who we are

Équipes de Tootelo

What is Tootelo?
Tootelo develops innovative technologies in several fields. Its various divisions provide services to the healthcare, real estate, communications, transportation, and more sectors.

Where does the name “Tootelo” come from?
Inspired by the name of the hill in Tutelo Heights where inventor Alexander Graham Bell had the idea for the telephone, Tootelo pays tribute to the innovation and creativity of the one we often called "the man of a hundred ideas".

What sets us apart
Tootelo is known for its innovation, flexibility, and balance between the personal and professional lives of its employees. Working with us means having the freedom to choose how we are paid, our schedule and our level of contribution within the company.

Our mission

“Tootelo aspires to become a benchmark company that its employees feel passionate about, that impresses its customers and garners the enthusiasm of its shareholders, while maintaining a deep concern for the planet."

Our values

Équipes de Tootelo

The four fundamental values ​​on which each company decision repost reflects a constant concern for:

Respect, balance, progression, and sharing.

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Our sectors of activity

Appointment and communication management applications

Immocontact, gestion des communications dans le secteur de l'immobilier
Integrated communication service for the real estate industry

Touchbase Real Estate is a leader in the management of collaborative communications. Platform specifically developed to meet the needs of the highly competitive real estate industry, Touchbase holds more than 65% of the market share in Canada.

Bonjour-santé, accès aux soins de santé
Innovative solutions for access to health care

Bonjour-santé®'s mission is to facilitate universal access to healthcare and improve the patient experience. The technology platforms offer a variety of services, including walk-in management, patient waiting management, waiting list management, web and telephone appointment scheduling, as well as e-consultation. Every year, Bonjour-santé® serves over 3.1 million users.


Customer contact management & Customer service

Telmatik, gestion des communications
Outsourcing of call reception services

Renowned for its excellent customer service, Telmatik offers call management services for small and medium-sized businesses in different industries. Our team responds to more than 9.5 million calls per year for more than 1,500 companies.

Fusium solutions, une division de Tootelo Innovation
Customer service management for different industries

Fusium Solutions is our division that provides technology and customer service in the food and transportation sector. Its mission is to enable its customers to be more efficient in their own market. Customer service support includes taking phone calls, managing social media, managing emails, sending, recoveries, etc. This management is available through a collaborative interface allowing our clients to obtain reports and crucial information in real time.

Medical clinic networks

Fusium solutions, une division de Tootelo Innovation
Super-clinic showcasing Tootelo innovations

Recipient of the ACMQ award for best managed clinic in Quebec, Polyclinique Levasseur is a model of management and innovation. From its vast and modern offices, the clinic offers patients a full range of services, including a medical imaging laboratory, a sleep clinic, a sexual health clinic and a sampling service. A lab clinic for testing and showcasing Bonjour-santé solutions, Polyclinique Levasseur enthusiastically adopts new technologies that allow it to constantly evolve and refine how it manages its operations.

Fusium solutions, une division de Tootelo Innovation
Super-clinic showcasing Tootelo innovations

Well established in the heart of Montréal’s Rosemont-Petite-Patrie since 2012, the Clinique médicale Angus brings together more than 100 health professionals who offer a complete range of services, including general medicine, minor emergencies (walk-in appointments), specialized medicine, pregnancy follow-up, minor surgery, an STD clinic and an imaging/radiology service. Located in a brand new medical complex, this Super Clinic expands its service offer thanks to various health care partners located in the same neighbourhood.

Fusium solutions, une division de Tootelo Innovation
Super-clinic showcasing Tootelo innovations

Ideally located in the Saint-Laurent borough, the CUSL's mission is to be a primary entry point to quickly respond to immediate needs of patients and to maintain continuity of care for them. Bringing together many health professionals, the Super Clinic offers a variety of services, including minor emergencies (walk-in appointments), family medicine, specialized medicine (general surgery, gynecology, nutrition and ENT). Housed in the St-Laurent Medical Complex, the CUSL is surrounded by health care partners, including radiology, rehabilitation, hearing health and optometry clinics, as well as an analysis laboratory.

Fusium solutions, une division de Tootelo Innovation
Super-clinic showcasing Tootelo innovations

Well established in the Rivière-des-Prairies-Pointe-aux-Trembles borough in the east end of Montréal, Polyclinique Pointe-aux-Trembles succeeds in creating a welcoming and familiar "neighbourhood clinic" atmosphere in a large and modern super-clinic. Polyclinique Pointe-aux-Trembles is home to nearly 40 health professionals, including general practitioners, a urologist, nurses, a psychologist, social workers, etc., who offer a wide array of services to patients, including general medicine, minor emergencies (walk-ins), as well as access to an orthopedic laboratory and an imaging/radiology service.

Digital advertisements

Immocontact, gestion des communications dans le secteur de l'immobilier
High-performance advertising network

Bonjour-santé Média offers advertisers a golden opportunity and unparalleled visibility thanks to a vast network of more than 200 screens installed in medical clinics across Quebec. Efficient, affordable and personalized, this solution allows advertisers to broadcast their content throughout the province or in targeted regions.

Sustainable development

Équipes de Tootelo

Tootelo has a rich tradition in sustainable development, and is committed to the adoption, application and promotion of eco-responsible management practices!

We are a certified Carbon Neutral company and we have over 50 green policies.

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“I am very fortunate to have such an extraordinary balance between my personal and professional life. I never feel pressured to turn down opportunities because of my job; so I can enjoy my life to the fullest. This greatly reduces my stress level while allowing me to devote time to my personal projects and hobbies.”

Catherine Jean-Couture

Marketing Specialist

“I love working at Tootelo because of the great ambiance, the respect between coworkers, and the company's philosophy and values, including: balance (between one's personal and professional life, progress, and sharing.”

Stéphane Garay

Human Resources

Do you want to be part of a remarkable team?

Are you the collaborator type? Does flexibility appeal to you? Tootelo could be your dream employer! We are constantly growing and always looking for new talent, so don't hesitate to apply today!
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